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Verónica Marín studied the Master in High Performance Soccer at de MBP School of Coaches,graduating last April 2019. Only a few months later she is already part of the technical staff of a professional club, Independiente del Valle (Dragonas), where she is Technical Assistant of the first division women’s team.

Verónica has returned to school to tell us her success story, her time in Barcelona and how she faces her new challenges.

Letter from Verónica Marín:

“Success does not consist in being better than others, but in achieving the best of oneself.”

A phrase that always repeated it in my head, but that really put into practice when I made the decision to learn more about football in the “old continent.” It was always in my plans to know Barcelona, ​​I never imagined it would be so soon and what better if it was to study what I love most, football. When I decided to go to Barcelona to study, I had to put aside my previous job, my family and my comfort, because I had everything … well, I thought so until then.

Verónica marín
Once I arrived in Barcelona, ​​I came across a new culture, an interesting gastronomy, beautiful landscapes and several unforgettable places, among them the historic Camp Nou, the Joan Gamber Sports City, the Mini Estadi, the streets and their most touristy places like the Plaza Cataluña and the beaches, although cold for winter and spring, but very beautiful. A dream city definitely to which I would return one and a thousand times.

But it was not until January 8 of this year, that I began to fulfill another dream, to study soccer from the smallest to the largest, to crumble it into small pieces to understand the larger pieces, and thus unite them integrally; leave my comfort zone and learn a new methodology, a new way of observing and analyzing high performance football, considering the smallest detail and its context, meeting new people, excellent teachers, a new family that would teach me to love even more to football and knowing that it was worth it to cross the world from Ecuador to Spain to unlearn and learn.

It was that nowadays they make me the person and professional that I am; And it is not about the title, it was always about knowledge and sharing it with my colleagues from several countries, my Ecuadorian partner Vanessa Arauz, my teachers, my tutor and those who do MBP, of which I will always be grateful

I am currently in my country Ecuador working as AT of the First female team of Club Independiente Del Valle (Dragonas), which competes in the first division and the only thing I think about every day is I put into practice everything I know, plus everything they taught me at MBP, they say their initials (Making Better Players by Making Better Professionals).

I learned a lot more about soccer and even more about life, “a tope” as they would say it.

¡Thank you MBP!

Veronica Marín