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Learn the MBP method for young soccer players in Barcelona
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May 11, 2021
to June 11, 2021



Formative Soccer Expert from MBP School of Coaches





This course is structured in five modules which will allow you to understand all the psychopedagogical principles for soccer training in formative stages and their practical application.

Module 1: Planification and scheduling

You’ll learn which are the contents to train in each ludological stage and how to schedule them through the season. In addition, you’ll know the theoretical models in the formative stage and the formative soccer analysis.

Module 2: Coaching methodology

We’ll learn how to carry out a training session and to design the most adequate tasks for each content and formative stage. Besides, we’ll delve into the MBP method through a global study of the teaching-learning process in soccer.

Module 3: Values education

We’ll explore the role of formative soccer as a tool for transmitting values and the team as a learning community, seeing a practical proposal too.

Module 4: Physical preparation in early age

We’ll study psychomotility, the different dimensions of the motor skills and their development, the role of physical preparation in a session, cognitive training and the creation of tasks for motor development.

Module 5: Game model

We’ll know the individual tactics, the game model for different categories (soccer with 5, 7 and 9 players) and we’ll approach sensory training with a focus on the methodological strategies for the youth.

Final thesis

Before finishing, the coach will have to give a report summarizing the learning outcomes of the course.