Youth Development Planning and Programming Specialist

Program and plan the training content that best suits your players
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Youth Development Planning and Programming Specialist






Why this program?

This online course will allow you to deep-dive in the key of the MBP methodology: the different stages of a player are divided by level of their understanding of the game rather than their age. We will discover this stages and learn to identify through our ludological test (individual and collective) how to be able to plan the appropriate training contents to help each player and the team to keep evolving based on their needs. 

Once these contents are identified and selected, we will learn how to program them over time during a whole season based on priority. In that way, we will achieve to establish a logic across the club’s structure, without leaving anything to chance. 

All of this will be available online for the students through a new and unique learning methodology: gamification and the storytelling of “la quinta de Mati” and their first steps as football players.

What will you learn?

1. How to recognise which are the theory references that talk about aspects deeply involved with the youth development training and the different perspectives in the analysis during a formative stage.
2. How to analyze the teaching-learning processes and the psychopedagogical principles of the training session.
3. How to identify through a playful test the different levels of understanding of the game and its contents planification.
4. To recognise and develop the main and complimentary contents of the training session and its purpose.
5. How to program those contents through a complete season.
6. To export all that planification and programming work to the training session.

How will you learn?


Through game mechanics that will present you with rigorous and practical information in an attractive and motivating way, as well as interactive and professional.

The story

Immersing yourself in a story that will lead you to recognize key aspects in the Youth Development training, putting you in the shoes of different characters that surround the day-to-day life of a formative football club.


Overcoming ambitious challenges in which you will have to use technological tools to develop skills as a coach while you know all the key factors of the MBP methodology.

Virtual mentor

Learning from the coach, your virtual mentor, to use reflective, critical, self-critical and ethical reasoning in competitive football.


Deepening general and specific aspects of the game of football and discovering secrets that will lead you to extra knowledge.


Autonomously from home, deciding week by week at what time to access the course according to your availability, and working as a team with other coaches … but also competing for rewards.


Leading and being proactive, both as a team and autonomously.