Youth Development Methodology Specialist

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Youth Development Methodology Specialist






Why this program?

This online course will allow you to become a Youth Development Methodology Specialist by studying in depth the teaching and learning process in boys and girls who are learning to play and understand football. Once you know how these players learn, we will review different training perspectives that fit the teaching process.

Moving forward, we will give the student access to the necessary tools to put in the field all the ideas reviewed above. To achieve that we will use the ideal strategies for each of the training phases, as well as the keys to manage the quality of the tasks proposed during the practice.

What will you learn?

1. To know and to understand the different training perspectives.

2. To know the didactic training strategies and to be able to create them by yourself.

3. To know the key aspects to build a correct activation and main phase of a training session.

4. To recognize the physical elements of a training session that the coach must manage to ensure the exercise quality.

5. To recognize and prioritize the teaching styles that adapt to the players needs.

6. To conduct behavior analysis to the coach and identify points to improve.

How will you learn?


Gamification: Through game mechanics that will present you with rigorous and practical information in an attractive and motivating way, as well as interactive and professional.

The story

Immersing yourself in a story that will lead you to recognize key aspects in the Youth Development training, putting you in the shoes of different characters that surround the day-to-day life of a formative football club.


Overcoming ambitious challenges in which you will have to use technological tools to develop skills as a coach while you know all the key factors of the MBP methodology.

Virtual mentor

Virtual Mentor: Learning from the Coach, your virtual mentor, to use reflective, critical, self-critical and ethical reasoning in formative football.


Deepening in general and specific aspects of the player’s formation in formative stages and discovering secrets that will lead you to extra knowledge.


Autonomously, from home, deciding week by week at what time to access the course according to your availability, and working as a team with other trainers … but also competing for rewards.