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The season ends, and with it comes the summer, the weeks of holidays dedicated to recovering physically and above all mentally. As you know, the season of a high performance footballer is very long and demanding. Many trainings, many minutes of game, competitive demand, travel, pressure, injuries, mood swings and self-confidence, etc.

It’s time to disconnect, be with family, friends, relax, but without forgetting that this period is short, and you have to be prepared to perform to the maximum when the preseason arrives. For this reason, and because of all the temptations that players might have in this period, it is worth taking into account certain aspects that will make a difference and may start the season with a good foot or a career they have lived cases of all kinds). There go then some tips to handle:

Take care of nutrition

Being a period of relaxation, and where the body lowers its levels of physical load, it is very important to choose well each and every one of the meals eaten throughout a day.

The recommendation here is to go to an expert nutritionist, who plans a diet according to the activity carried out in this period, low in fat to avoid gaining weight, and that provides an adequate nutritional contribution to what the body needs to stay at the levels optimal fitness.

Experts recommend an intake of about 5 times a day. Also avoid the usual intake of alcoholic beverages and, of course, other substances harmful to health. It is recommended to weigh yourself daily to maintain control of this.

Take care of the sleep

As with food, it’s important not to fall into bad habits when sleeping. The footballer must rest enough but without disturbing much to what the body is accustomed, avoiding going to sleep very late in these holiday periods, something that could be so bad when re-adapting the body to the competition routine.

Don’t leave the daily exercise

The total passive rest is a mistake that leads to a decrease in the physical capabilities of the athlete and the loss of the gains obtained in the last months of competition, which later will make it hard to recover his fitness to perform.

Performing continuous physical exercise, will allow the maintenance of these abilities, in addition to freeing the mind of stress and fatigue. The recommendation there is to progressively increase the load volume (both in the race and in the gym), also increasing its specificity.

Always from more general to more specific. As for the race, you can start with it continuously, and you should finish it in an interval with the introduction of sprints at different intensities (recommended on tape, or in controlled circuits).

Avoid the practice of risky sports

As is logical, if it is a risky sport, the percentage of injury possibilities increases, and it would not be at all beneficial to start the season behind his teammates due to a sprain or a muscular or skeletal breakdown.