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You will learn a different way to analyze football!

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Why choose this program?

This online course will allow you to delve deep into the MBP Scouting model and the functioning and use of professional Scouting. You will do it through challenges and game mechanics (gamification) and a story that will put you in the shoes of a junior scout recently arrived to a professional team. In short, you will have access to all the contents of the in-person program in a comfortable, attractive and motivating way: you will learn how to know the existing types of Scouting and identify both the player
analysis elements, individually, and the team, as well as all the keys to create a total report of the opponent.

In particular, you will know cutting-edge analysis technological tools and will learn how to use one of them to gather, order and interpret information according to methodological patterns and confront the competition in both your team and your rival’s analysis. All of it
autonomously but also sharing what you learn with the community and the MBP teachers.

Ultimately, in this course you’ll know the basis of game analysis and gathering information from competitions to make coherent and effective decisions later.

What will you learn?

  1. To know, describe and evaluate individual and collective behaviors.
  2. To analyze and optimize the abilities and skills of the soccer players in the high
    performance stage.
  3. To understand and advise about the individual and group dynamics in competitive
    soccer teams.
  4. To observe structural and dynamic aspects of soccer.
  5. To deeply analyze all the game phases and moments of a team.
  6. To select and apply the most adequate strategies, methods techniques and
    technologies for the game analysis.
  7. To acquire knowledge on the creation of analysis panels and the use of projects in an
    analysis software.
  8. To share data through reports and action proposals or methodological patterns.


Analyzing live

Analyzing, live, one of the teams of La Liga that are based in Barcelona: FC Barcelona or RCD Espanyol.


Searching, managing, analyzing, summarizing and connecting the information directly or indirectly related to competitive soccer.

Create reports

Discovering how to create reports for coaches, players or the team and institutions, including the use of technological tools.


Recognizing key aspects in the analysis of sports performance.


Delving into general and specific aspects of soccer.


Autonomously and working as a team.

Course structure

¡Congratulations! You have just signed as a junior scout at MBP. We are eight matches away from the finals and we need your help to achieve our goal. We know it’s not going to be easy and we need to work hard to make it, but with everyone’s effort we will succeed!

During these eight matches you will learn the functioning and use of professional Scouting. To do it, you’ll have to go through the different phases that form this learning process: studying the theory in the locker room, putting it into practice during the training session, carrying out what you have learned during the match and, in the end, sharing it in the press conference.

We’ll know Scouting and its functions, we’ll see MBP’s approach in particular and we’ll identify the different types of analysis.

We will explore concepts such as official call and the game system, we’ll study the players according to their position and we’ll take a first step into the dynamic analysis of the team.

In this module we’ll analyze the attack phase in its three sub-phases: start, building up and finishing.

Here we’ll know in depth the defensive phase: analyzing the three types of defensive block and the defense of direct game.

We’ll delve into both transitions from attack to defense and from defense to attack.

We’ll analyze the strategy of different set pieces: corner kicks, free kicks, throw-ins and penalty kicks.

To complete the course, you’ll have to do, individually, the analysis of two matches played by professional teams. You will have to analyze the structure and the dynamics, the different game phases and, finally, the strategy. To do it, you’ll use a video analysis program, one of the most important tools for professional scouts.





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