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45 hours
in 9 weeks


July 13th, 2020


Scouting and Game Analysis Specialist from MBP School of Coaches





Why Choose This Program?

This online course will allow you to delve deep into the MBP Scouting model and the functioning and use of professional Scouting. You will do it through challenges and game mechanics (gamification) and a story that will put you in the shoes of a junior scout recently arrived to a professional team. In short, you will have access to all the contents of the in-person program in a comfortable, attractive and motivating way: you will learn how to know the existing types of Scouting and identify both the player analysis elements, individually, and the team, as well as all the keys to create a total report of the opponent.

In particular, you will know cutting-edge analysis technological tools and will learn how to use one of them to gather, order and interpret information according to methodological patterns and confront the competition in both your team and your rival’s analysis. All of it autonomously but also sharing what you learn with the community and the MBP teachers.

Ultimately, in this course you’ll know the basis of game analysis and gathering information from competitions to make coherent and effective decisions later.

What Will You Learn?

1. To know, describe and evaluate individual and collective behaviors.

2. To analyze and optimize the abilities and skills of the soccer players in the high performance stage.

3. To understand and advise about the individual and group dynamics in competitive soccer teams.

4. To observe structural and dynamic aspects of soccer.

5. To deeply analyze all the game phases and moments of a team.

6. To select and apply the most adequate strategies, methods techniques and technologies for the game analysis.

7. To acquire knowledge on the creation of analysis panels and the use of projects in an analysis software.

8. To share data through reports and action proposals or methodological patterns.

How Will You Learn?


Through game mechanics (gamification) that will present rigorous and practical information in an interactive, attractive, engaging and professional way.

The story

Immersing yourself in a story that will take you to recognize key aspects in the analysis of sports performance putting you in a scout junior’s shoes, newly arrived in a professional team.


Overcoming ambitious challenges in which you’ll have to use technological tools to create reports to help your team win a prestigious competition.

Virtual mentor

Learning from the Mister, your virtual mentor, to use reflective, critical, self-critical and ethical reasoning in competitive soccer.


Delving into general and specific aspects of soccer and discovering secrets that will take you to extra knowledge


Autonomously at home, deciding each week when to enter the course depending on your availability, and working as a teamwith other scouts… but also competing for rewards.