Scouting and game analysis specialist

Analyze the game in a different way
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35 hours
in 10 days


Spanish: September 28, 2020 to October 7, 2020

English: December 11, 2020 to December 20, 2020



Scouting Specialist from MBP School of Coaches




This course is divided into seven modules that will help you understand the functioning and use of professional Scouting and delve into the MPB Scouting model.

Module 1: Mbp scouting model
We’ll know Scouting and its functions, we’ll see MBP’s approach in particular and we’ll identify the different types of analysis.
Module 2: Team structure and dynamics analysis
We will explore concepts such as official call and the game system, we’ll study the players according to their position and we’ll take a first step into the dynamic analysis of the team.
Module 3: Offensive phase analysis
In this module we’ll analyze the attack phase in its three sub-phases: start, building up and finishing.
Module 4: Defensive phase analysis
Here we’ll know in depth the defensive phase: analyzing the three types of defensive block and the defense of direct game.
Module 5: Transitional phases analysis
We’ll delve into both transitions from attack to defense and from defense to attack.
Module 6: Strategy analysis
We’ll analyze the strategy of different set pieces: corner kicks, free kicks, throw-ins and penalty kicks.
Module 7: Methodological patterns
We’ll close the course learning how to attack, defend, organize transitions and play the strategy based on methodological patterns. Those patterns will be a direct consequence of the synthesis of the information obtained in the rest of the modules.
Final thesis
Before finishing, you’ll have to give a report containing the total analysis of the team that you choose.