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Patricia Toledo studied the Master in High Performance Soccer of the MBP School of Coaches in 2017, after finishing her career as a professional player. Today she works at LA Galaxy, as coaches of lower categories in her women’s section and she has returned to school to explain his experience in MBP and how he faces his professional challenges with the club.

What was the motivation to come to BCN to study with us? Did it reach your expectations?

My motivation was pursue the best soccer education to prepare myself for high level coaching, my goal is to coach professional level. I was happy that MBP met my expectations, great level of soccer methodology, great practical experience, and best staff

What would you highlight about the Master course youdid?

I really loved learning about individual and collective tactics, and how you can set up sessions to work these areas.

What do you think has helped you the most MBP?

The environment and the professors who were very supportive and showed a lot of professionalism.

If you compare your way of coaching before and after coming to MBP, what do you think haschanged?

Many things had changed especially how to organize soccer sessions, and how to estimulate players to think , instead of giving them the answers, ask them questions and estimulate them to find the answers.

When and why did you decide to be a coach and what made you continue withit?

The passion for soccer, it is in my blood! I always want to be a coach after I retire from playing, but I need to work in order to save money for the course.

How would you define yourself as a coach?Use 3 words.

Persistent , passionate and determined

What is the most important decision you have made to get closer to fulfilling your dreams?

Doing the MBP Master in High Performance.

Is there a key moment in your professional career that you want tohighlight?

Working for one of the biggest club in USA: LA GALAXY OC, has been a good experience.