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MBP was born with the goal of inspiring coaches around the world to see football as a way of life and training as their path to achieving their goals.

That is why at MBP School of Coaches we want to share our method, developed after more than 20 years of research and work in the field, with clubs, federations and players from all over the world.


We will work together to develop talent with its own identity that allows it to be recognized in the world of soccer for the characteristics of its game and its players. We will work with you to leave a legacy in the club, a model of work that lasts over time.


What is your identity? We help you define and implement it. The values ​​that represent you, the game model you want to apply and the type of player you want to develop and / or select.

Plan and schedule

We co-create, together with the staff of the entire club, the macrocycles and microcycles for each category and we seal them in manuals that will be the guide of every coach. Coach changes will no longer affect the development of your players.


What are the best performing training sessions? We help you create training manuals for each category. We will create ways to assess the evolution of your players and see if those sessions are being effective for talent development.


At MBP School of Coaches we are experts in training coaches. We offer customized training programs, both for high performance and for training stages, with a pedagogical system and teaching methodology fully adapted to your needs.

“If one day I had to analyze a coach, I would disregard the result, examine the method”

Marcelo Bielsa


From MBP School of Coaches we share all our material to be used by the official coach licenses of your Federation. We put at your disposal all our teaching material to carry out the courses with the highest quality standards: books, training videos, activities and evaluations.

In addition, we offer you a method created from scientific studies and implemented in more than 20 countries.

Updated materials

Our school combines scientific activity with work in clubs, federations, coaches and professional players. This allows us to be constantly at the forefront and always adapt our content to the demands of the professional world.

International certifications

The content of MBP School of Coaches has already been approved and validated by national federations within the Conmebol and Concacaf territory. At MBP we have adapted our content in compliance with the standards set by these confederations at each of the license levels.


MBP School of Coaches works hand in hand with the Federation and personalizes the content to the specific demands of the country, making this material a unique material, adapted to the reality and needs of your country.

Academic advise

Thanks to our experience in other federations and clubs, MBP School of Coaches can help you develop all the formal aspects of training. Evaluation criteria and validations or the access criteria for each license are some of the examples.

“Soccer is a game that is played with the brain. You must be in the right place at the right time, not to early not too late”

Johan Cruyff


Do you want to improve your performance? Know the best solution for each tactical situation that will be found during a match. The MBP team, through our APP, will help you in an entertaining way and through videos to understand your position much better and to solve all situations in an optimal way.


From MBP we will make a totally personalized and individualized programming for you.


The goal is to help you better understand the game and be aware of all your skills to get your full potential.


All the work will be done through our APP, in an easy, comfortable and adapted to your needs. An APP co-developed with a Japanese technology leader company.


A 360º job. We will work to optimize your performance individually and collectively.


Your goals will be our goals! We will design the work plan based 100% on your needs.

More and more professional players are working to better understand the game, and you?