MBP School of Coaches

Making better players by making better professionals

A unique methodology that makes us different

The MBP methodology is born after more than 15 years of practical studies on the playing field and university research. Sprung from our passion for soccer and a wish to improve it, we keep innovating day after day from new contents that adapt to the new realities of modern soccer.

It is a comprehensive coaching method based in tactics that will solve the mail questions that you’ll have as a coach.

Keys of the mbp method

What to train?

A tactical approach.
Coaches who learn the MBP method will be capable to teach their players more than 350 tactical concepts when they are in the formative stage and 168 when they are in the high performance stage.

How to do it?

A practical methodology.
Coaches will also completely learn the methodology to train these 350 + 168 concepts, building the best training sessions for their learning and improvement.

When does it come into play?

Always applicable.
Coaches will learn to plan and schedule these concepts throughout the season. Learning the MBP method is receiving all the keys to follow a defined and continuous process during a soccer player’s life.


A rational and flexible decision making.
Coaches will know to reason the empirical and scientific bases of training each concept, in a specific moment and with a specific training session, adapting everything to their game model.

“If one day I had to analyze a coach, I’d disregard the result, I’d examine the method”
Marcelo Bielsa

Our Vision

To democratize quality education in soccer bringing the MBP method closer to as many coaches, players, federations and clubs as possible.


Making everything we have accessible to help coaches, players, clubs and federations.


Quality is a requirement that we have very clear at MBP. We need to give our best so you fulfill your greatest potential


At MBP we work to help soccer evolve and grow as a sport.


Helping transcend boosting human relationships and taking care of everyone who is part of our family.

Personalized consulting

Apply our methodology in your club or federation

If you are interested in applying the MBP method in your federation or club, contact us. From MBP School of Coaches we can help you in the design, creation and execution of plans customized according to the needs of your organization, be it to implement our methodology in youth soccer or to improve the performance of your professional clubs..